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What Happens if I'm Unable to Afford My Self Storage Unit?

By Shield Storage | May 10, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

Are you in search of storage solutions nearby that won't break the bank? Curious about the real deal behind those storage unit auctions showcased on TV, especially if you're situated in Bossier City? Let's unravel the mystery together.

Indeed, storage facilities, even those providing climate-controlled storage in your vicinity, hold the authority to auction off unit contents if payments are neglected. However, there's a whole process at play here. You'll be notified if you fall behind on payments, allowing you an opportunity to rectify the situation.

Exceptions do exist though. For instance, in unforeseen events like a sudden demise where family members might be unaware of a storage unit's existence, belongings could be missed. But as a general rule of thumb, it's advisable to keep an open line of communication with your storage facility should payment issues arise.

Here's something to ponder: before financial constraints become overwhelming, consider alternatives like downsizing to a smaller unit. Many storage facilities, including those offering affordable storage units nearby, are amenable to changes in unit sizes. For instance, at our facility - Space Centre Self Storage - we acknowledge life's uncertainties and gladly accommodate such transitions without repercussions.

To steer clear of payment dilemmas altogether, it pays off to be strategic from the get-go. opt for a unit size that suits your requirements best and when unsure, seek guidance from your trusty storage manager. And in case despite all efforts you find yourself financially strained, don't hesitate to reach out early to discuss potential solutions with your manager. After all, nobody fancies protracted debt collection processes or an unused unit gathering dust for weeks on end.

Therefore if you're exploring storage Units around Bossier City area make sure to plan ahead meticulously communicate openly and explore every avenue possible for seamless and stress-free storage experience!

By Shield Storage
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