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Selecting the Perfect Business Storage Solution: Finding the Ideal Fit for Your Needs

By Shield Storage | May 13, 2024 @ 12:00 AM

When it comes to selecting the perfect business storage unit, there are several important factors to take into consideration. One of the most crucial aspects is the size of the unit. It's essential to choose a unit that can comfortably accommodate all your inventory, equipment, and tools without having too much extra space. Let's delve into the key points you should keep in mind when picking out the right storage space for your business.

Essential Factors for Choosing a Business Storage Unit

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? Don't worry! We've gathered five essential considerations to help simplify your decision-making process.

1.Unit Size: Size plays a significant role here. To avoid any costly errors, it's vital to accurately assess your storage requirements. Create a detailed list of all items along with their sizes to ensure everything fits well with room for potential future additions.

2.Location: Accessibility is key when selecting a storage facility. Opting for a location that is close to your business can save you both time and money on transportation costs. Explore nearby areas as well, as they might offer more affordable options.

3.Security: Safeguarding your assets is crucial. Look for facilities that have strong security measures in place such as access control systems, surveillance cameras, and fire safety protocols.

4.Features: Take into account additional amenities offered by the storage facility such as climate-controlled units for sensitive items or drive-up access for easy loading and unloading processes. Features like 24-hour access and pest control contribute to convenience and safety.

5.Cost Transparency: Avoid any unexpected surprises by requesting a detailed breakdown of all fees associated with the storage unit rental agreement and be on the lookout for any hidden costs that may not be immediately apparent.

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Assessing Your Business Storage Requirements

Consider these specific questions:

- What items are you planning to store?

- How much space do they currently occupy?

- Will there be more items added in the future?

- Do any items require special storage conditions?

- How frequently will you need access?

Selecting the Right Size

Business storage units come in various sizes including:

- 5′ x 5′: Perfect for smaller items.

- 5′ x 10′: Similar in size to a walk-in closet.

- 10′ x 10′: Suitable for small apartments or offices.

- 15′ x 10′: Spacious enough for contents of a three-bedroom house.

- 20′ x 10′: Ideal for storing belongings from a four-bedroom house or even large vehicles.

Why opt For Shield Storage Centre Self Storage?

Oh, the Shield Storage Centre Self Storage offers a sweet deal! They promise 50% off 2 Month's Rent

If moving in after the 15th, the remainder of the month will be prorated. Your next 2 months rent will be 50% off. Rent is due on the 1st of each month.. And guess what? No need to commit long-term or worry about extra charges if you want to switch units or extend your rental period. Plus

The Features may include

1.Climate Control

2.Online Rentals

3.Individually Alarmed Spaces

4.Video Surveillance

But wait, there's more! Each unit comes equipped with a smoke detector, and the entire place is under 24/7 CCTV surveillance for that added peace of mind knowing your stuff is safe and sound. Spread across the USA in , Bossier City, Minden, LA, and Haughton, LA, Shreveport, LA their locations are conveniently close to major roads.

Can't figure out which business storage size suits you best? Check out their handy price and size guide. And if you've got any queries buzzing in your mind, feel free to reach out to their friendly team via their website.

By Shield Storage
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