Storage Unit Auctions

Online auctions on unclaimed storage units


All online auctions are held in accordance with state law.

Shield Storage Centers holds public online auctions on unclaimed storage units in accordance with Louisiana lien laws. Upon determination that an auction is to be held on a storage unit, Shield Storage Centers opens the unit to take a visual inventory and make a brief description of all the storage unit contents. 

This is required by Louisiana state law. Nothing is removed from a storage unit prior to the auction.

What Is An Online Auction?

Bidding on unclaimed storage units.

When a storage unit is abandoned or has gone into arrears, a public auction takes place to recoup some portion of the rental fees and clear out the contents of the storage unit. At Shield Storage Centers, we host all of our public auctions online at

Follow the link to to see a listing of our auctions and begin bidding! Each listing will include a brief description of the storage unit’s contents.

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